Stata tutorial index

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is an idex page for Stata tutorial I have written on this blog. I will update this index if I write more. This index also reminds me what I should have written.

Data management

Stata: How to deal with missing values?


Stata: How to export descriptive statistics tables?
Stata: Output correlation table
Stata: Export OLS regression table to Word or Excel
Stata: Export Logistic Regression (Coefficient/Odds ratio) to Word or Excel


Stata: Draw regression lines across groups

Endnote: Using Filter to import from CSA ILLUMINA (EndNote X4 compatible)

If you are in psychology or education, you would probably use CSA Illumina or Psycinfo a great deal. Sometimes you need to save time by importing references from CSA Illumina or Psycinfo. It is important to note that the correct filter is required for everything to work properly.

How do we do that?

I used an article from CSA Illumina for example:Melby, J. N., Conger, R. D., Fang, S.-A., Wickrama, K. A. S., & Conger, K. J. (2008). Adolescent family experiences and educational attainment during early adulthood. Developmental Psychology, 44(6), 1519-1536. 

After locating the file, you will see a “Save, Print, Email” option at the top. Click it.

Choose current view record and use full format without references. I personally do not like to import references from the article because these references may not meet your requirements
Then click “save”


Open this txt using endnote.exe, and EndNote will ask you to choose the right filter. We selected e-psyche (CSA).


The reference should then appear in your endnote library.