How to know if one journal is a SSCI or SCI journal?

Friday, April 27, 2012

SCI stands for science citation index, and SSCI stands for social science citation index. I personally do not think SCI and SSCI are very important in American academia; however, in some countries, such as Taiwan and China, SSCI and SCI are used to rank universities. In this situation, knowing your target journal is SCI or SSCI journal is critical.

A couple ways to achieve this goal.

1) Check out at SCI and SSCI official site (recommendation: 4 out of 5)


Take SSCI site for example. If I want to know if Foreign Language Annals is a SSCI journal, simply typing foreign in the search box.
Hit search and you will see the results. Voila, it is a SSCI journal.

The second approach (recommendation: 5 out of 5) is to use the following site:

This site is self-explanatory, and I do not see the need to do any screen capturing. 

The third approach is to use Web of Science (recommendation: 3 out of 5), but it requires annual subscription. Please check your library and see if they subscribe it.

Select  publication name and type foreign l*.3.png

Click analyze result.

It will shoe fields that you can analyze. Since we are looking for the journal, please choose source title ad click analyze.

The fourth approach is to use Journal Citation Report, but this one also require library subscription (recommendation: 4 out of 5).
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